• Prototype DSG Controller is Here!

    We are very excited to show a sneak peak at our upcoming DSG controller! After a few months of development we have our first unit in hand for testing! This little guy will make it possible to use the VW/Audi DQ250 DSG transmission in any car using a standalone ECU that has CANbus capabilities. We will be doing initial testing using the Megasquirt ECU in our project Corrado. The Corrado will feature an ABA 16vt using the very versatile and robust Mitsubishi Evo 10 turbocharger, custom short runner intake, DSG transmission and some other tasty bits. We have partnered with our friends over at JRM Fabrication to develop transmission swap…

  • Seth’s Burple 16v

    Earlier this summer Seth hit us up to take a look at his gorgeous Burple 16v. He wanted us to check into some running issues and ensure the tune was optimized. We found a few little issues but once corrected the car ran great. Let us know if we should do a full feature on this one.

  • Megasquirt Digi Dash

    We added a pretty cool feature recently to our ’75 Rabbit build. Using a $50 Amazon Fire tablet and the android app available from DIY Autotune we are able to custom build digital dash displays in the car. For this setup we opted for the USB adapter cable instead of the optional bluetooth adapter. Setup took all of about 10 minutes, and that included time to register the product and load the app. With the app loaded up we simply powered up the car, connected the cable from the ECU to the tablet, and we instantly had full read out of out chosen sensors right there on the tablet. The…

  • The Ralleytuned Rabbit: Finally out of Storage!

    Back in 2009 our family made the move from the city to the mountains. We got jobs at a ski resort, moved into a small cabin near the resort, and the rabbit had to go into storage. Having 6′ of snow on the ground for months on end, meant our little stripped out track car had a lot of down time. Since then we have added a couple of kiddos to the fam and moved into a bigger house with a large shop. The day came finally to pull the ol bunny out of storage and bring it to the new shop! We have some big plans to get this…

  • Jonny’s ’75 Rabbit 16vt

    The saga of Jonnys ’75 Rabbit is quite the tail. Someday I will be able to tell you the full story, but for now, here is some pictures of the car coming together. Let us know if you want to see more!