Blast from the past: The Demon Rally Golf

I recently came across an old thread that I had posted build pictures of a mk2 golf that we helped out with years ago. This car was the second car that the team had built, and we were in charge of all the wiring and engine management for both rally cars. The mk2 was purchased as a compete car, and then we set about tearing the whole thing apart! Originally fitted with a 2L 8v engine, we removed that engine in favor of a 2L 16v engine and fitted a Megasquirt 2 ecu, external crank trigger, coil pack ignition system, Tectonics Race header, full custom exhaust, cable shift transmission and to top it off a set of very stout suspension from local rally car suspension builder Jon Vanlandingham. Eventually we added a turbocharger and ran the car in Group 5 in the US Rally America as well as local stage rally. We built the car in the old Demon Rally shop, but are very much looking forward to the rebuild in their whole new setup. We will definitely share when we get this thing back up and ready to hit the stages!

The new rally golf with a custom graphics package put together by Dave Meister of Meister Gauge Faces.
The rear of the Demon Rally Gollf

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