• Project A3: Engine Progress

    Pushed the car out of the garage for, hopefully, the last time today. I  borrowed a pressure washer from a friend and got the car out and dragged the transmission out into the open. A can of engine degreaser and the engine bay and trans are looking drastically better. Got back to work on the engine assembly, at last post, I had installed the cams and had the tbelt on. Well those turned out to just be test fits, I forgot to install the cam chain tensioner when I put the cams in last weekend. So today, I got to un-install the cams and tbelt, install the tensioner, then re-install…

  • Project A3: Photo Updates

    Few more photos from the build this weekend: New catless dp, with stainless vibrant resonator, hooks up to stock rear section for deep stock ish sound levels Ran into an issue with the ARP cam girdle bolts, they sit higher than the sealing surface of the valve cover 🙁 Going to ditch the over complicated tension setup from the FSI, and swap on an old school 16v timing belt and tensioner

  • Project A3: Engine Rebuild

    We haven’t really introduced this project yet, but mine as well start when the car is coming back together. This way, updates come fast and progress seems to blast along at a nice pace. Here are some photos of the engine rebuild, will post more details later.         

  • In-car from ORP, Battle for the Lead!

    Here is some in-car footage of Brad Greco in the TRAKS Clothing/RalleyTuned/JRM Fabrication road race car. Brad was pushing the car to the limits to try and catch the leader, and he even gets by for a short bit!!  

  • TRAKS Clothing/RalleyTuned/JRM Fabrication Rabbit Rocks ORP!

    Last July (2014) we traveled south to the absolutely awesome Oregon Raceway Park, known as ORP. This track is what you dream about when you think about racing. It is located out in the middle of no where in central Oregon in a very small town called Grass Valley. The name suits the location to a “t”, it is literally in a huge grass field. I am fairly certain the Windows home page photo was taken out there! The last time we took the race bunny out to ORP, we had a great stroke of luck in the race and very nearly came home with our first overall group win.…