Prototype DSG Controller is Here!

We are very excited to show a sneak peak at our upcoming DSG controller! After a few months of development we have our first unit in hand for testing! This little guy will make it possible to use the VW/Audi DQ250 DSG transmission in any car using a standalone ECU that has CANbus capabilities. We will be doing initial testing using the Megasquirt ECU in our project Corrado. The Corrado will feature an ABA 16vt using the very versatile and robust Mitsubishi Evo 10 turbocharger, custom short runner intake, DSG transmission and some other tasty bits. We have partnered with our friends over at JRM Fabrication to develop transmission swap components such as transmission mounts for the VW mk1/2 chassis, which will eventually be available for purchase! Stay tuned for more updates on this new product as well as our build on the Corrado.

Prototype DSG Controller


  • Joao Goncalves

    “Take my money and shut up!” That is the only thing I can think of.. I’ve been looking into this same solution to use with my engine.. but if this works as expected, I’m more than happy to sign up for one.
    Will you have to use a flyby wire throttle with this though? Because that was the key problem I had with trying to get the dsg to do the torque ramp up and ramp down ..

  • Scott F. Williams

    I appreciate the innovative thinking an am always looking for new technologists with whom I can ally. Think you have something that will resonate in the market? I’d like to know more about it.


  • Seth strauss

    Well done with the development
    In the tuning community there is a move to replace the vr6 24v high torque engine straight cut 02m gearbox with either dq500 or mq500
    But at the moment it is generally limited to those of deep pockets who can afford donor cars.
    Audi rs3. Ttrs or Tiguan.
    I will be on the look out how you progress.
    My platform is 2004 awd golf R32 turbo

  • Brendon

    Hey Scott!

    What we do know is that the VW racing community is always looking for more transmission options, we have learned that in our various road racing and rally experience. We feel the DSG with its massive quantities, ease of service and new evolutions in aftermarket support will be a very strong option for motorsports driven builds for a long time to come!

  • Brendon

    Hey Joao,
    With most aftermarket ECUs supporting drive by wire, it should fit in quite nicely with this controller. We plan to test the most basic application and see how it behaves, and then add features and see how they all work together

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