• TRAKS Clothing/RalleyTuned/JRM Fabrication Rabbit Rocks ORP!

    Last July (2014) we traveled south to the absolutely awesome Oregon Raceway Park, known as ORP. This track is what you dream about when you think about racing. It is located out in the middle of no where in central Oregon in a very small town called Grass Valley. The name suits the location to a “t”, it is literally in a huge grass field. I am fairly certain the Windows home page photo was taken out there! The last time we took the race bunny out to ORP, we had a great stroke of luck in the race and very nearly came home with our first overall group win.…

  • New Features Coming Soon!!

    We got some exciting new car features coming soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on all our latest automotive adventures We will be updating Brad Greco’s insane road race car, he has been hard at work this season and the list of upgrades is simply staggering!   We have also been hard at work this summer helping our friends over at Spinasquared.com restore their 1983 VW Rabbit Pickup, we will give you the full scoop on this rad little truck.  

  • Power King Golf – Saloon Car Series Survivor

    Hands down one of the racing series that produced some of the most insane car builds ever seen…The Manufacturers’ Challenge Saloon Car series. This golf is one of the few survivors from the epic racing series of the late 70’s and early 80’s in europe. Read the full feature on the TopCar site here: http://topcar.co.za/first-drives/power-king-golf/

  • Feature Car: Nick Middleton’s ABA-T Swallowtail

    Happy St. Patricks day! We thought it would be appropriate to feature a mean green bunny today. Nick picked up this early rabbit as a project, and if you have seen any of Nick’s other projects, you know these usually spiral quickly out of reason for most folks. You see, Nick has been tweaking on cars since I met him around 6 years ago. He had a set of race tires that would fit perfect on my ’77 rabbit track car, the trade he was after was a set of skinny little 13″ tires to make his car sit lower. I happened to have a set so the meeting was…

  • Demon Rally Team Brings the Heat to Oregon Trail 2010!

    After the successes and dramas that we encountered at the Wild West event, the Demon Rally team regrouped and rebuilt for the 2010 Oregon Trail event. The issues we had at Wild West would almost all be attributed to stock parts getting too hot. The easy remedy here was to carry out the already planned gear box change. By changing from the stock 020 linkage shift transmission to the much more stout 02J cable shift box, we knew we could gain some much needed reliability. There was also some wiring changes that needed to be made, which we were more than happy to handle. Another issue we had was some…