• Seth’s Burple 16v

    Earlier this summer Seth hit us up to take a look at his gorgeous Burple 16v. He wanted us to check into some running issues and ensure the tune was optimized. We found a few little issues but once corrected the car ran great. Let us know if we should do a full feature on this one.

  • The Ralleytuned Rabbit: Finally out of Storage!

    Back in 2009 our family made the move from the city to the mountains. We got jobs at a ski resort, moved into a small cabin near the resort, and the rabbit had to go into storage. Having 6′ of snow on the ground for months on end, meant our little stripped out track car had a lot of down time. Since then we have added a couple of kiddos to the fam and moved into a bigger house with a large shop. The day came finally to pull the ol bunny out of storage and bring it to the new shop! We have some big plans to get this…

  • Jonny’s ’75 Rabbit 16vt

    The saga of Jonnys ’75 Rabbit is quite the tail. Someday I will be able to tell you the full story, but for now, here is some pictures of the car coming together. Let us know if you want to see more!

  • Winter Has Arrived!!

    Winter has arrived here and we are getting prepared to hunker down for the winter. This is typically the time when the automotive tinkering slows drastically and the outside time with the family increases. The tools get tucked away and the toys come out! We have a couple of pretty sweet long term projects in the shop, so we will update periodically. Luckily, before the snow came down in feet, we got one of our long term projects into the shop for its final phase of the build. This 1975 VW Rabbit spent some time at our friends JRM Fabrication getting a turbo setup built. There are a few loose…

  • New Features Coming Soon!!

    We got some exciting new car features coming soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on all our latest automotive adventures We will be updating Brad Greco’s insane road race car, he has been hard at work this season and the list of upgrades is simply staggering!   We have also been hard at work this summer helping our friends over at Spinasquared.com restore their 1983 VW Rabbit Pickup, we will give you the full scoop on this rad little truck.