Demon Rally Team Gearing up for Wild West Rally 2009

This weekend RalleyTuned and the Demon Rally team did some preliminary testing on their new VW Golf, debuting for the first time since the dramatic roll of their previous Rabbit. Initial testing went very well with only a few minor tweaks being needed in the mapping, and possibly a few small setup changes.

We got the call from the Demon Rally team late last year and got busy re-wiring their 85 Golf. The car now hosts a fire breathing 16v with a worked head and some nice sized cams. The chassis has been fully prepped with seam welding and very beefy suspension from a local rally specialist (John Vanlandingham). A Kaaz differential and VWMS gears take car of getting the power to the dirt, and bearings replace most of the suspension bushings throughout.

The team is well on track for their ’09 season debut Sept. 26th in Pomeroy, Wa for the Wild West Rally. Check out built pictures and info at!

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