VW 8v Microsquirt Harness Kit


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We have made a simple and cheap solution for swapping the VW 8v engine into any chassis or updating your existing engine to modern EFI. This kit is designed to make installation as simple as possible and comes with everything you need to drop your motor in, hook up and get running without the time consuming chore of constructing the wiring harness. We include sensors and a robust and reliable IGN1A Ignition Coil to save you the hassle of either using a very old stock ignition coil, or sourcing a good aftermarket solution. This kit was designed in house and every one is hand built and tested before shipment. We build these on an as-ordered basis for now, so please email for availability before ordering.

This kit includes:
AMPSEAL ECU connector
Bulkhead grommet
IGN1A Ignition Coil
New Connectors for the stock 8v hall sender and TPS (Require California spec DIGIFANT TB with TPS sensor)
GM IAT and CLT sensors (Requires custom installation)
Comes setup for common bosch 2 wire idle valve (Idle valve requires custom installation)

We can also include a Microsquirt ecu that comes pre-configured with a base map for your initial startup, email for availabilty and price.


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